Sober living

Meth Addiction: Causes, Risks, and Treatment

Recovering addicts may also move to a sober living home — a residence where people practice a sober lifestyle. But scientists have found that the brains of methamphetamine users can improve over time. In fact, brain scans show that reduced dopamine levels in the brain caused by continued meth use improve significantly after 14 months […]

Recovery Is Possible for Everyone: Understanding Treatment of Substance Use Disorders Feature Topics Drug Overdose

Because of this, it’s important to have a treatment team that understands all the factors in play. The physical components of treatment involve freeing the body of its dependence on the addictive substance. Addiction medicine physicians are specifically trained in a wide range of prevention, evaluation, and treatment methods for helping people with SUD and […]

Excessive alcohol consumption affects eyesight and vision

Many of these conditions can cause significant visual changes, unusual eye movement, and vision loss. Drinking alcohol when you’re already experiencing dry eye for other reasons can add the effects of alcohol to your existing symptoms. If you regularly consume alcohol and dry eyes have become an issue, it may have to do with alcohol’s […]

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